“Take us out of this darkness and lead us into the light.”

When she receives the phone call all South Africans dread, informing her that a loved one had become a crime statistic, Debby Thomson’s life and that of her family is upended and their shock and ensuing grief tumble them into unchartered territory.

Recounting the fateful incident and the events that took place thereafter, Thomson takes you along on their journey of failures, hopes and hero’s. From coming to terms with the greed that turns people into monsters, to dealing with inept government institutions, the perpetual trauma of a court case and eventual justice.  Not wanting to give into their heartache Debby and her family opt to stand up and fight back against crime and our failing systems, learning many new revelations along the way as to why crime is so prevalent in South Africa and what we can all do to bring it to an end.     Although she says it “doesn’t bring peace, joy, relief nor accomplishment”, her message is clear; there is ultimately light at the end of the darkness.

Whether you are working towards your own healing, remembering someone you have lost, or your heart is just broken for South Africa, there is something of value in this book for you.

WRITTEN BY:  DEBBY THOMSON About the Book…. My Beloved Country - sale My Beloved Country - cancelled